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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Like carpet, your tile and grout needs to be professionally cleaned in order to maintain its appearance. In between professional cleanings, a mop is sufficient to use for surface cleanings and removing small spills and light soiling.

Eventually, you’ll notice that your tile and grout still appears dirty even after cleaning it with a mop. Here’s why: Over time, dirt and grime get absorbed into the grout between the tiles which cause it to look dull and dirty.

When ACS cleans your tile and grout, we’ll first apply a pre-conditioner. Next, we’ll agitate the conditioner into the grout lines to ensure a deep cleaning. With the use of a professional grade high pressure rotary wand, your tile and grout will be rinsed and buffed to wash away all the dirt and bacteria deep within your tile. See the video below to see the process in action.

Applying protector after your tile and grout is cleaned is optional but highly recommended. This can be compared to carpet and upholstery protector. It’ll protect the surface of your tile and grout from absorbing stains and help resist soil from getting embedded below the surface of it.

*Note: We Do Not Clean Natural Stone or painted grout.