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Stain and Soil Resistance

Four benefits to having a stain protector applied to your carpet or upholstery:

Green Guard

Because Ayoub cares about the environment inside and outside your home, we can also use Green Guard stain protectant for carpets. Green Guard is the First EPA approved stain guard. Just like other stain protectants, it will help release dry soils more easily. Green Guard is biodegradable and safe for pets and kids.

Green Guard is a cutting edge encapsulation product that contains anti stain, anti-soiling properties that neutralize alkalinity residues and limits wicking to carpet. Simply spray on carpet or your upholstery to prevent stains and the browning or yellowing of your fabrics.

Safe for use on upholstery with “W” or “W/S” on the care tag.

Learn More about Green Guard, click here to watch a 2 minute video.

Sentry Shield CA-1 Fine Fabric Protector

A solvent-based fluorochemical treatment that imparts both oil and water repellency to fabrics and carpet. Safe for use on delicate fabrics. Sentry Shield utilizes a high-tech solvent that dries up to 4 times faster than OMS.

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