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Yes, we offer rug padding!

We offer a variety of rug pads to meet the needs of every customer and rug. Rug Padding helps to prevent slip hazards, increases the longevity of your rug and protects your flooring by slowing down the absorption of spills and pet accidents. Most of the pads that Ayoub Carpet offers are cleanable, to last for many years to come.

Eco Supreme

Seam Repair

Synthetic Felt with Diamond Backing

(CCT) provides a pet urine barrier. Keeps most spills & pet urine from soaking through to ruin your hardwood flooring.

Plush & extra dense for comfortable underfoot feel at 40 oz/sq yd.

Eco Grip

 Eco Value

“Go Green” with Polyester Fiber Backing

This thinner profile is an excellent solution for small area rugs, over carpet or in entryways.

Usage: Anywhere you don’t want to add extra thickness 18 oz/sq yd.

Ideal for rugs 4x6 and under. It offers a lower profile.


In our experience the Durahold pad is best to use under thin textiles such as tapestries and needlepoints.



You will notice thermal-set ridges in the felt surface running in multiple directions - These are meant to prevent lateral movement of your rug in any direction. The ridges grab to your rug and prevent it from slipping on the actual pad. Most others have a smooth surface that allows the rug to slip and shift.

Eco Premium


A unique “Hexagonal” design is set within the natural rubber to offer maximum grip on any floor, making for the most effective non slip function to keep your rug in place at all times. The raised pattern within the rubber also creates an airflow between the pad and floor to allow your floor to breath, as well as to prevent moisture build-up under the pad.