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Ayoub Rug Cleaning & Repair

Oriental Rug Cleaning »

Oriental rugs are composed of very sensitive materials and dyes, so a gentle yet effective cleaning process is required to remove stains, soils, and dirt.

We have multiple ways to clean. We adjust based on your specific rug, how it is made, and issues you may have. Our facility can accommodate any and all types of rugs.

We recognize the complexity, and how they are made, and that is what separates us from everyone else.

Oriental Rug Repair & Restoration »

With their delicate fabric and vibrant colors, oriental rugs require expert care when they are in need of restoration. Ayoub Carpet Service offers color restoration, re-weaving, fringe replacement, serging, and patching for oriental rugs. We re-new the look of your oriental carpet and restore it to a like-new condition.

Done on site, in Chantilly, we do not send out for repair.

Rug Padding »

We offer a variety of rug pads to meet the needs of every customer and rug. Rug Padding helps to prevent slip hazards, increases the longevity of your rug and protects your flooring by slowing down the absorption of spills and pet accidents. Most of the pads that Ayoub Carpet offers are cleanable, to last for many years to come.

Pet Urine & Odor Removal »

Ayoub Carpet Service effectively removes pet odor and urine stains and mildew from oriental rugs.