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In-Home Services

Carpet Cleaning »

Carpet stains and soils can be very difficult to remove without professional equipment and expert application of cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning process ensures that your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly and correctly.

Carpet Repair & Restoration »

Over the years, carpet seams can break down and separate, wrinkles in the carpet can form, and irremovable, deep stains remain present. Ayoub Carpet Service expertly re-seams, re-stretches, and re-patches carpet, restoring the “new carpet look.” When repairing carpet burns, our experts match the weave, texture, and color so that repairs blend into your carpet.

Pet Odor Treatments »

Ayoub’s pet carpet treatments remove urine odor and stains.

Stain & Soil Resistance »

We treat your carpet with products that resist against future stains and soils.

Allergy Relief Treatment »

We offer green organic products to clean your carpets and assist in allergy relief.

Upholstery Cleaning »

Upholstery cleaning is a very intricate process due to the wide variety of fabrics that are used on couches and chairs. Our low-moisture cleaning process ensures the most hygienic cleaning that removes dirt, dust, and allergens. To view before and after photos, click here.

Tile & Grout Cleaning »

Tile and grout often become collectors of dust, dirt, and stains from everyday foot traffic. Ayoub professionally removes these stains and soils. View before and after photos here.

Hardwood Cleaning/Rejuvenation »

Over time, hardwood flooring shows visible signs of shoe and furniture scuff marks. Additionally, old waxes and cleaning agents wear off and contribute to an overall “dirty” look. Hardwood cleaning and rejuvenation fixes these noticeable signs of “wear and tear.”