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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning for all major counties and cities including Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Alexandria, Prince William, Montgomery County and Washington, DC.

In addition to owning the latest technology in carpet cleaning equipment, we offer green organic products. We will always work hard to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. We understand everyone has busy schedules and will try our best to find a time that is most convenient for you. Our top-rated reputation is everything to us and our job is not finished until you’re satisfied. Our business has been built from years of providing quality service with great results.

In addition to cleaning your wall to wall carpets, of course, we specialize in cleaning area rugs. We have pick-up and delivery service for DC, Maryland and Virginia customers.

What to expect when our technicians arrive at your home:

What causes black lines on carpet near baseboards and under doors?
Filtration soiling appears as dark or grayish lines on carpet along walls, stairways, and under doors. It’s caused by airflow over and through carpet, allowing fine soils to settle on the surface. As air is warmed, typically while the furnace runs, the air- full of pollutants- gets pulled through the small spaces between baseboards and carpet in search of cooler surfaces such as outside walls of another room. As the air moves toward the cooler area, it will push its way through the carpet (under doors, etc) and “clean itself” of pollutants. What’s left behind is a buildup of oily soils on your carpet that can be very difficult to remove. A good professional carpet cleaning can help rid your carpet of these terrible eye sores. Call (ACS) Ayoub Carpet Service today!

We take great pride in our top ratings in Angie’s List and Checkbook Magazine for Superior Customer Satisfaction. We promise to provide you with an outstanding service experience that is friendly, timely and trustworthy. Every time. Guaranteed!