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Winter Area Rugs.  Is There Such a Thing?

Winter Area Rugs.  Is There Such a Thing?

Winter Rugs versus Summer Rugs, is there such a thing? The short answer is No. But, my interior decorating side says Yes! Of course, there is such a thing! Just like the clothes you wear during summer and winter months - they are completely different (unless you live in an area that has the same weather year round.) I live in Virginia where we have 4 separate seasons and the beauty that comes with each (Winter is quickly becoming a season I dislike A LOT and have trouble finding the beauty sometimes in extremely cold weather with a lot of snow).

So, what would the difference be for winter and summer rugs? I have a couple of rugs that I switch out in my foyer and family room. For spring and summer, the area rugs are thinner, lighter, and brighter in colors. When I lay them out, a happiness takes root that warmer weather is coming and it’s time to lighten up and be rid of the darker, warmer colors that have allowed us to be comfortable and hibernate inside during the cold days of winter.

School has officially started in our county. The past 2 days my kids have gone to the bus stop with lightweight jackets on. These are telltale signs that colder, fall days are quickly coming. With that in mind, it’s time to think about when to bring out the thicker, warmer tone rugs. The foyer rug has more pile to it to catch that dreaded white stuff from wetting my hardwood floors. The family room rug is larger and much plusher to provide more warmth during the colder months. I must admit, I do like bringing out the winter rugs as it does invoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

As you can see, I view area rugs like I view my closet. When fall has arrived, it’s time to switch out the lighter weight clothing and rugs and bring out the warmer, plusher clothing and rugs in preparation for colder days.

What do you do with the summer rugs? Now is the perfect time to have them professionally cleaned and treated before you put them in storage. You definitely don’t want to wrap them up and have any lingering stains, spills or damage take root even more. Ayoub Carpet Service in Chantilly and Falls Church, VA can professionally treat and clean your rugs. If you need storage for the winter months, we do have that service available too. Feel free to call us to discuss your fine area rug care. We can return your area rugs back to you in “Like-New” condition so that when it’s time to unroll the summer rugs, they will look and smell fresh and new.

Until next time – Cheers!

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