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Why is Wool Such a Highly Desirable Fiber?

Why is Wool Such a Highly Desirable Fiber?

A lot of beautiful Oriental rugs are made out of wool. Have you ever wondered why wool seems to be the fiber of choice for rugs? Of course, some rugs are made out of synthetic fibers, but Oriental rugs are most often made from wool. Here’s why:

Wool fiber does a terrific job at hiding dirt and soil. Since wool fibers are dull and opaque, they make dirt and soil much harder to detect on a rug. Synthetic fibers, which are translucent and lustrous, tend to make soil more apparent. When light hits something shiny, it refracts and reflects off of it which makes soil become more visible. Another reason why wool can hide dirt well is because of its porous nature. The pores in wool allow particles to become embedded deep within it without being seen easily. Keep in mind; this is not always a good thing. Your rug can end up becoming extremely soiled before it appears to need a professional cleaning. Now that you know about this, make sure to keep up with your routine cleanings and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Another reason why wool is desirable is because it’s elastic and resilient. Carpet and rugs made of wool face yarn are extremely durable and can withstand high traffic while still looking awesome for long periods of time. Try and remember to look at the carpet next time you’re in a hotel or restaurant. You’ll almost always realize that it’s wool.

Don’t you just love all the different colors Oriental and area rugs can have? It would be a shame to own an expensive rug that lost its vibrant colors quickly, wouldn’t it? Well, No other fiber beats wool when it comes to absorbing dye. Wool holds dye extremely well which helps keep the rug looking brilliant for years to come. Wool rugs can be hundreds of years old and still look great if they’re taken care of properly. Think about how hard it can be to get dye related stains out of your wool rugs, makes sense now, doesn’t it?

One of the best qualities wool possesses is that soil and dirt can be easily removed. When a wool rug is exposed to moisture, the fibers swell which causes dirt and soil to release. Speaking of moisture, wool can absorb over 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet when touched. Because of this incredible absorbency quality, wool can be considered flame retardant. When wool is burned it doesn’t produce toxic gases like synthetic fibers do and it’s self-extinguishing. Commercial buildings are often required to install wool carpet in entry/exit areas as a safety precaution.

Tip: Keep an eye on where your rug is placed in your home and check to make sure it doesn’t get damp. You want to make sure your rug doesn’t sit around with too much moisture in it for long periods of time or it’ll become infested with mold and mildew. If that ends up happening to you, get your rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

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