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Why Does My Rug Have Such a Strong Odor?

Why Does My Rug Have Such a Strong Odor?

It’s not uncommon for rugs to have an odor to them when they arrive at our plant to get washed … but sometimes we come across rugs that downright smell horrendous. What’s to blame? Most likely, there are three common issues we can point fingers at – I’ll discuss each.

The first one I’ll talk about is pet issues.

When a liquid is applied to a rug (i.e. pet urine) and isn’t for the rug’s benefit (i.e. washing it) it can cause a lot of problems. Other than the foul smell of urine, it can also cause dye migration, dye loss, yellowing, and dry rot on oriental rugs and carpet. Wool rugs absorb liquid easily by penetrating through the wools surface and settling deep within it. When urine gets trapped within a wool rug, its strong scent becomes very difficult to remove. This means that surface cleanings for wool rugs aren’t sufficient when trying to clean up a puppy accident. Use a reliable professional rug cleaning company so your rug can be thoroughly flushed out and ridded of lingering smells.

Next up, let’s talk about water damage.

When rugs become saturated and take too long to dry, a musty odor will occur. Floods, indoor pot planters, leaking humidifiers, improperly drained faucets during winter time, and damp storage spaces are the most common ways rugs can end up with that nasty mildew odor caused by lingering moisture. (Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog focusing on how to avoid water damage in your home.) Rugs that come in contact with too much water need to be properly washed and sanitized by professional rug cleaners to ensure any bacteria and mold that causes that musty smell can be ridded of correctly.

The third and final problem we’ll discuss is material backing on rugs.

Not many have it, but some tufted rugs often have a latex backing sewn onto them to help keep the rugs together. Due to poor quality control, the latex can actually end up going bad and produce a sour smell. Some rugs that are bought brand new will have a milder version of the smell which will only become worse once washed. You may feel funny doing it, but you should always smell check rugs with backings before purchasing them just to be on the safe side.

Hopefully this post was helpful as to what causes stubborn strong odors in rugs. Contact Ayoub today to schedule your in-plant rug cleaning!

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