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Which Flooring is Right for YOUR Kitchen?

Which Flooring is Right for YOUR Kitchen?

As an Interior Decorator, I’ve been asked my opinion for many design elements of a room (Well, Yeah! That’s why they’ve hired an Interior Decorator). I’ve found that many clients want a quick easy choice for their questions. Unfortunately, many elements of a room can’t be decided on without having answered many questions first. Recently, I was asked, “What type of Kitchen Floor would you recommend?” Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

“How many kids do you have and their ages?” What does having kids have to do with flooring? Kids are not easy on floors. They scoot, pull, drag, push, schlep, play, skid, throw, and drop things on the floor. Little bodies can be ruthless on floors, and can be that way until they are old enough to know better.

“How many pets do you have and what kind?” A small Terrier isn’t going to be nearly as hard on a floor as a huge Great Dane. Well, at least that’s the case with their nails. We all know small dogs are known for “piddling” on the floor when they get excited. So, there’s pet urine to take into consideration when it comes to smaller breeds.

“Do your pets stay in the kitchen when you aren’t home?” If you leave pets in a confined area for a lengthy time, there’s always the chance for accidents. You will want flooring that will withstand the occasional accidents and nails scratching them daily.

“Where is the kitchen in relationship to the rest of the home?” What does the location of my kitchen have to do with the type of flooring I choose? If you walk into the kitchen from the garage, patio or deck, you can bet that you will be tracking in wet, dusty or muddy shoes from time to time. You also want to consider how easy the kitchen’s floor will blend into other rooms’ flooring.

“How often do you clean your floors?” If you don’t have a lot of time to clean floors, you don’t want a really dark, shiny floor as it will show EVERY speck of dust. Believe me, I have DARK hardwood floors in my office as that’s the look I wanted – but, boy does it show every piece of dust, lint, and fuzz. Oh well, at least it’s not a high traffic area and I can shut the doors when the dust bunnies have divided and conquered in taking over the floors.

“Do you want a lay it and leave it floor? Or, are you willing to invest time into the floors?” Huh? Tile floors require professional tile & grout cleaning and resealing. Laminate floors do not, hence “Lay it and Leave it!”

“What look or feel are you trying to create in the kitchen? Classic? Mediterranean? Contemporary? Modern?” Depending on the style you are trying to create, there are specific flooring choices that best coordinates with said style.

Ayoub Carpet Service in Chantilly, VA has a comprehensive showroom that features the following types of flooring (in addition to carpet, but of course, you don’t want that in a kitchen!) that can serve well in kitchens:

Hardwood: There are so many choices of colors, types, finishes and plank widths. You can choose from oak, maple, cherry, mahogany to exotic woods. No matter whether you like skinny planks or large, fat planks, there are many options to choose from.

Hardwood floors are comfortable underfoot, have a warm appearance and blend nicely with other floors. However, they are susceptible to water damage and scratches. You can help preserve them with oil and waxing, but will typically need to be resealed every 5-6 years.

Tile Flooring: There are many different types of Tile Flooring: Ceramic, Porcelain and Vinyl Tiles. Ceramic and Porcelain tile can be hard, cold and unpleasant to stand on for long periods of time. They can also be slippery when wet and will periodically need to be professionally cleaned and resealed.

Ayoub Carpet Service offers DuraCeramic Tile, a luxury vinyl product. Vinyl floors are durable, long-lasting, can be installed directly over the subfloor, easy to clean and offer cushioning when spending a lot of time standing on it.

Laminate: There is a large variety of styles that imitate wood, bamboo and stone. Many homeowners find this product attractive due to its affordability. However, water exposure can cause the flooring to buckle or warp. Unlike Hardwood flooring, laminate cannot be refinished and has a shorter lifespan.

So…what’s the best choice for you? Only you (and your decorator, if you’re working with one) can determine what’s best for you. Each type of flooring has its pros and cons. You have to weigh your options against the style you’re trying to achieve and of course, your budget! The experienced sales staff at Ayoub Carpet Service will be able to walk you through each type of flooring and help you determine which flooring is going to be best for you and your family, your lifestyle and budget.

Until Next Time – Cheers!


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