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What to Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile

What to Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile

The flooring industry has started to shift direction over the past couple years and you don’t want to be the last to know the details. Major manufacturers have been moving their focus from carpet and rugs to something called luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. There are a bunch of different benefits LVT can bring to your home, so let’s talk about it further.

What exactly is LVT? The word “luxury,” can be misleading to some people. LVT is actually made to mimic the look of luxurious materials, such as marble, stone, granite, or wood. Made completely from vinyl, the variety of LVT flooring choices are huge… and believe it or not, they all look pretty realistic if you ask me. These impersonators are outstanding; they look almost identical to the real thing. Some types of LVT even have the same texture as the flooring they were made to resemble.

Did you know not all LVT is made the same? There are several different ways to manufacture LVT, causing each to be more suitable in different environments. I’ll explain. Essentially, for all LVT, advanced computer technology is used to replicate what a real luxury type floor looks like and then transfers that image onto vinyl. LVT varies in quality, which is determined by the percentage of vinyl used to make it. Some LVT contains 100% vinyl, which is said to be best for commercial settings. Some also have a layer of protection which is called a mil layer. This layer enhances the floors durability, almost like Scotchgard protectant for carpet. When LVT isn’t 100% vinyl and lacks a mil layer, it’s most likely found in residential settings. With that said, mil layers are important because they make LVT easier to clean and maintain.

Speaking of cleaning… LVT is like a dream come true when resisting spots and stains. Although like any other type of flooring, soil can eventually affect LVT’s appearance. LVT is considered porous, so it’s important to use a certain cleaning method to avoid transferring additional soil onto the floor. Avoid using a mop when cleaning your LVT. Mops can easily trap soil within them and end up doing more harm than good when cleaning.

Use these steps as a reference when cleaning:

• Use a trolley bucket to dispense fresh cleaning solution (with a pH as closest to 7) directly to your LVT.

• In heavily soiled areas, lightly brush as needed.

• Leave the cleaning solution on the LVT for several minutes to allow it to work to its full potential. Do not let it dry.

• Use a wet/vac system to remove the moisture and soils from the floor.

Another tip: Make sure to install a high-performance matting system. This type of matting system is more effective than standard matting systems and will keep your LVT looking great for a longer period of time.

Stop by one of our Chantilly or Falls Church showrooms today and see this wonderful product for yourself! We carry Armstrong, Earthwerks, Shaw, Mohawk and Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Tile floors. You won’t be disappointed.

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