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What Carpet is Best for Pets?

What Carpet is Best for Pets?

A common question from our customers while they’re shopping for new flooring often sounds along the lines of, “What kind of carpet is best for pets?” And we totally understand why that’s of top priority! Everyone wants a well-rounded carpet, right? You know something that’s visually pleasing, yet durable and lasts a long time… especially if there’s a four legged-furry child in the equation. We offer two of the most pet-friendly brands of carpet on the market. I’ll explain how these brands work and why you’ll be convinced you need them in your life ASAP.

The first brand is called PetProtect by StainMaster. Why is it awesome, you ask? It has built-in stain resistance that won’t wash off and permanent color that won’t fade. The fibers that make up this carpet are engineered to permanently resist potential spills from absorbing if cleaned up quickly. PetProtect by StainMaster recommends that you install the carpet with the same brand of carpet cushion. This is because if an accident or stain isn’t discovered until later on, the cushion offers a breathable moisture barrier which helps prevent the spill from penetrating your padding and subfloor. This allows for a much more thorough cleaning of your carpet and reduces lingering odors too. Even more, PetProtect is designed to reduce the attraction between pet hair and carpet which allows it to be easily removed with a normal vacuum.

The next brand of carpet that’s perfect for pets is Smartstrand Forever Clean by Mohawk, which also offers an All Pet Protection warranty. This type of carpet also has a built in spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanups and advertises as having 0% moisture absorption fibers as well. The warranty on this carpet covers all domestic pets, all types of stains and accidents, for a lifetime. The stain shield works by ultra-fine nanoparticles bonding together on a molecular level to encapsulate the fibers to create a complete spill and soil shield. Sounds awesome, right?

These carpets are up to 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander and are totally worth installing in your home if you’re worry about your furry friends wreaking havoc on your pretty, new, clean, carpet. Come by one of Ayoub’s Chantilly or Falls Church Showrooms, we’d be happy to help you out further. Happy shopping!

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