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Watch out for “internally ruptured” hose faucets this spring!

Watch out for “internally ruptured” hose faucets this spring!

Be very cautious in the spring with all outside faucets. But ESPECIALLY with an outside hose bib with a hose that’s been hooked up all winter!

So tweak your Spring time “hose hooking up” procedures when you:

1. Buy a female cap with a rubber hose washer inside that will thread on any faucet bib.

2. Tighten the cap on the hose bib, briefly turn on the faucet slightly and listen closely. (You can also keep your hand on the faucet to feel the vibration of running water.)

3. If you can hear (or feel) running water the faucet has an hidden, “internal rupture” inside the wall!

4. Turn the faucet off immediately, inform the homeowner of THEIR problem and find your water supply elsewhere.

Mistake: Plumbing companies have done too many “free water damage losses” and replaced way too many hose faucets that the homeowner was just sure had “burst due to your cleaning pressure”!

Solution: Carefully test all water faucets with your .99 hose cap

Lost your hose cap? Then just kink your water hose closed when turning the faucet on and… LISTEN CAREFULLY!

Source: Strategies for Success by Jon-Don

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