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The Two Mistakes Made by Most Rug Owners… and Maybe You!

The Two Mistakes Made by Most Rug Owners… and Maybe You!


There are three factors that affect your area rug’s need for a good professional cleaning and the overall life of your rug.

The first factor is the general soiling level where your rug is located and how much activity it gets. High traffic areas with dirt and foot traffic will cause a rug to need a cleaning sooner than later.

The second factor is the quality of materials used in the manufacturing of the rug. Many modern rugs are chemically washed to soften the face yarns and give the wool extra shine. This also damages the wool and can shorten the life of the rug.

There really isn’t much you can do about your level of foot traffic in your home or how your rug is made, but the third factor is completely in your control which is: does your rug receive proper maintenance?

The two mistakes made by most rug owners are they don’t vacuum their rugs enough, or they vacuum improperly. Vacuuming rugs should be viewed as dusting them. Here’s how a rug becomes worn: dust settles on your rug the same way as it settles on furniture, floors, and countertops. In addition, abrasive dirt is tracked into your rugs by foot traffic. This dirt settles on the very tip of the face yarns of the rug. Over time, the dirt becomes embedded into the base of the yarns and finally, the foundation. With continued foot traffic, and full body weight of people walking on them, the fibers of the rug are cut and worn out from contact with the dirt. They simply wear out and there are no fibers left, no design, and nothing soft to walk on.

How to prevent this from happening: Break the cycle! If the dirt gets deposited on the face yarns of the rug but it gets vacuumed off before it gets into the foundation, it prevents it from getting to the foundation which causes abrasive wear. This gets you as close as you can to stopping wear and damage in your rugs.

When dirt gets embedded into the foundation, it’s almost impossible to remove without a thorough washing. If it’s been two or more years since your rug has been washed, it’s probably too late to break the cycle by vacuuming and the dirt will needed to be flushed out.

It’s recommended to wash your rugs every 2-3 years and vacuum as often as you can.

If you need a good, reliable rug cleaning service, call us today! We’d be happy to help you out.

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