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The Importance of Carpet Protector

The Importance of Carpet Protector

There are several myths when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned, which is understandable since most of them are commonly talked about and could end up being easily believable. The biggest of them all in the carpet cleaning world is that getting your carpet cleaned often results in premature soiling post cleaning. Well, I’m here to pull the myth buster card. It’s NOT the act of carpet cleaning that causes you to notice your carpet appearing dirty quicker than usual post services.

The actual culprit is worn off carpet protector. If you don’t ask for carpet protector to be reapplied to your carpet after it gets cleaned, it won’t get reapplied. This very important step often gets overlooked, some people may not even know to ask for it, but it should never be chalked up to unnecessary.

I’ll explain:

When you buy new carpet, it comes treated with manufacturer-applied, soil resistant carpet protector that allows it to last for longer periods of time before it appears ready for a much needed cleaning. Over time, the original protector on your carpet can significantly wear off, especially in high traffic areas of your home. Once worn off, these areas perform as if they haven’t been treated with protector at all which causes the carpet to accumulate soil much faster. When a carpet is professionally cleaned and protector isn’t reapplied, an entire step in restoring your carpet to look like new again is skipped! Not only has the small amount of protector left on your carpet been flushed away after cleaning, but it was never re-protected which leaves it very vulnerable to dirt. Carpet protector keeps your carpet looking cleaner between professional cleanings and also enhances regular vacuuming and spot cleaning procedures.

Now you know - the professional cleaning you had done on your carpet didn’t cause the premature soiling problem you’re noticing, but it could have prevented it. We’re trying to change the overall outlook of this topic to our readers so the message can get spread and the myth can be put to rest. P.S. Protector is also kid and pet friendly and can be used on your upholstery too.

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