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Step Outside the Box

Step Outside the Box

When it comes to decorating – it’s time to think outside the box. A space should reflect your personality and lifestyle. So, if that’s the case, then why do so many people feel that they need to stay with the “traditional” and what’s “normal”?

When it was time to turn my son’s room from a little boy room to an older room – he was really into skateboarding, biking, and driving his go-kart (Typical speed junkie boy stuff. Yes, I have my hands full and fear what teenage years will bring me). So, instead of “normal” shelves, I stepped outside the box and mounted skateboards onto the wall for shelves. He Loved it!

Our bedroom closet had the builder grade, UGLY brown bi-fold doors. I knew I didn’t want mirror doors, so I painted them and then added fabric panels to them to compliment the rest of the décor. I figured it was worth trying. If I didn’t like the result, I was out a few hours of work, a little paint and a few dollars for fabric and trim. The result turned out better than I hoped. By stepping out of the box and not going to find factory made doors, I found another way to nicely add to the overall décor of the room.

I had a formal living room that I wanted to become more contemporary, casual and inviting. I LOVE the beach. I grew up close to the beach, spent summers living at the beach with friends and always have one vacation a year that involves the beach. So, why hadn’t I brought my love of the beach to my home sooner? I don’t know! For the window treatments, I knew I didn’t want to cover them up with “traditional” fabric treatments. I love glass fusion and have my own kiln. I created a replica of the triptych I painted for window treatments. The effect is great! I’m not sure the pictures do it justice, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Step outside of the box when it comes to area rugs. Area rugs are a great way to define spaces within a room. Rugs add more color, texture and warmth to a room. So, why limit yourself to bath mats in a bathroom? Find beautiful area rugs or oriental rugs that will add pattern, colors and texture to your bathroom. Bath mats are so boring and “typical.” You may be saying that they are better suited for a bathroom as they are made specifically for that room. Oriental rugs are also made to withstand a lot of abuse.

You can also make your own rugs with paint, or by piecing together remnant carpet pieces together. (You can search through my blogs for “How-to’s” for painting and making your own rugs). Don’t limit yourself to what’s available. For all things in decorating – be willing to think outside the box to make your space your own.

If you need a little help and guidance in stepping outside the box – FREE interior decorating services are available in our Chantilly, VA showroom on Wednesdays from 9AM – 2PM by appointment. Feel free to call 703-255-6000 or email me at to schedule a time to come in. In-home appointments are also available for an hourly fee.

Until Next Time – Cheers!

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