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Spring has Arrived and so Have Allergens in Carpet

Spring has Arrived and so Have Allergens in Carpet

Red eyes? Itchy throat? Experiencing spring allergies can be just as miserable as catching the common cold. But having a cold for over 3 months straight because your carpet and rugs aren’t cleaned?! No wonder allergy sufferers tend to dread the springtime. If this description seems to fit you perfectly, it’s understandable that you’re yelling, “Nothing helps!” at your computer screen. Hopefully some of your frustration settles after finding success with these tips.

Tip # 1: We get it, doormats are a great way to add a touch of flare to your front porch, but did you know that they can be affecting your seasonal allergies too? Doormats made of rope, or other types of natural fibers, quickly trap and become the homes of all that pollen, dust, fungus, and mold waiting to come inside your house. If you aren’t willing to get rid of doormats all together, try using a synthetic mat as a healthier alternative. Hose them down regularly to keep them as clean as possible!

Tip #2: Even though allergens mainly reside outside, you may find yourself feeling worse while inside your house. Here’s why: carpeting, upholstery, bedding, damp areas, and air filters all contribute to your seasonal allergies. Since over 90% of your time is spent indoors, your sniffing and sneezing may be through the roof if these areas aren’t properly cleaned and maintained. Regularly dusting/washing your bedding along with a good professional carpet/upholstery cleaning may be the trick to easing your allergies.

When getting your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, make sure you chose a reliable company that uses the best cleaning methods. What to look for: carpet/upholstery should be cleaned by using the hot water extraction method, which breaks down soils, contaminants, and allergens, and washes them away. Oriental rugs should be cleaned by using cold water and wool approved shampoo, rinsed out with fresh water, and dried in a climate controlled drying room.

Tip #3: Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! This one may seem a bit obvious and I’m sure you’ve heard it thousands of times already. But did you know if your vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter, it’s most likely sucking up dust/pollen and spitting it back into the air? Pollen and dust particles are so tiny that they usually slip right through a standard filter. When buying a HEPA filter, look for the test results printed on the label. Make sure that the test results at .3 microns are 99.97% just to make sure you’re truly buying a HEPA filter.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful when trying to get your allergies under control. Good luck and may your coughing be minimal.

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