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Salt and Sand Wreak Havoc in your Carpet & Rugs

Salt and Sand Wreak Havoc in your Carpet & Rugs

As I look out my office window to see melting snow, salt and sand covered roads, I longingly dream of the beach house that I recently booked for our summer vacation. For now, we have to deal with the facts of life in winter – without the use of salt and sand on the roads and sidewalks, driving and walking becomes treacherous (My husband and I laugh at the word treacherous as it’s the most used word by weather reporters to describe driving conditions during storms). Salt and sand is a nasty, brown, gritty concoction consisting of silica crystals, salt crystals in rough form, and almost always a few other chemicals.

As much as salt and sand is needed to help us drive and walk on roads and sidewalks, it’s terrible for your carpets. Salt and sand collect on your shoes as you’re walking around outside. Try as you may to wipe it off when you come in, plenty of residue follows you inside. If you’re a stickler for people taking off their shoes before they come in, good for you! You’re helping to protect your floors. For those of us that forget or don’t ask people to take off their shoes, we’re slowly abusing our carpets and rugs as you can’t always see what’s being tracked in. Even if you vacuum regularly, salt and sand can get deeply ground-in to the fibers. The chemicals continue to react and end up breaking down the fibers of the carpet, damaging the pile and possibly leaving a bad spot on your floor.

Ayoub Carpet Service can return your carpets and rugs to “Like-New” condition with hot water extraction carpet cleaning and hand-washing your rugs in our plant. The longer you leave the salt and sand in your carpets, the more damage it can do. It’s A LOT cheaper to call Ayoub Carpet Service for professionally carpet cleaning, rather than replacing installing new carpet (but, if you’re in the market for new flooring, we can help you with that too!)

We hope to hear from you soon to rid your home of the remnants of winter weather with professional carpet cleaning.

Until next time – Cheers!


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