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Plants are Nice - Bad for Flooring

Plants are Nice - Bad for Flooring

Water the plants NOT the hardwood, carpet or rugs.

No matter how careful you may be, water is bound to find its way onto your floors. Whether you have a small spill, or a little mist from spraying the leaves, condensation can find its way to your hardwood, carpet and rugs. It’s not a big deal if you address the spills immediately. However, if left over time, you can irreparable damage done.

How can water or condensation from plants affect your floors? Two of the most common occurrences is:

MOLD: Water left around a pot, mixed with the fibers of a rug or carpet, or hardwood provide a lovely breeding ground for mold and mildew. While professional cleaning can potentially remove the mold from rugs and carpet, you can do irreparable damage to hardwood floors. Sitting water can also warp the hardwood boards.

DRY ROT: The problem with long-term moisture on cotton foundation fibers is that they begin to rot. And when dry rot sets in, the fibers literally fall apart. If you are not careful when you move a rug that has water damage from a planter, you could literally create a hole in the damaged area. It will fall apart in your hands.

Potted plants are not the only source of moisture that can create damage secretly to your rugs. Other sources are water coolers, condensation from HVAC units, any leaks from a home that may affect walls or floors, and of course – pets. We all know that “Pet puddles” leave more than just water; odor and contamination. All spills or accidents should be attended to immediately, especially pet accidents.

While plants help to keep healthy air quality, the care for them can have “bad” effects on your flooring if you’re not careful. One way to reduce possible damage is to keep your house plants elevated with a plastic basin to collect spillage. When the plant is raised, it’s easier to eye-spy wet spots. Any spills or accidents need to be addressed immediately to prevent damage.

Until next time – Cheers!

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