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My Personal Experience with Ayoub

My Personal Experience with Ayoub

I have been the Marketing Specialist for Ayoub Carpet Service for over a year now. For a year, I have been telling you how great of a job they do, what great customer service we have, we’re the best, yadda, yadda, yadda. All of my marketing was based on pieces that were previously done as well as customer testimonials. Yesterday, I had the good fortune of being able to have Marco and Rene come out to my home and provide many of Ayoub’s services. I had Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Re-stretching, Carpet Cleaning with many spot removals, and Hardwood Rejuvenation.

I can’t give you an unbiased view of the initial contact with Ayoub and wanting to schedule my job. I laugh and joke with the customer service reps all the time when I’m in the office. I do know they do a great job and will always treat customer’s with the utmost respect and care as well as try to accommodate their schedules as best as they can. So, as far as providing the best customer service experience from the first call, I stand behind that comment as they are great co-workers.

As an Interior Decorator, I feel that my house is a good reflection of me professionally. When you come into my home, you will be able to see my creativity, my workmanship and my style. Therefor, I believe I keep a nice, neat and clean home. After Marco and Rene started working, I realize, I LIVE IN FILTH! Holy moly! When Marco started my upholstery cleaning, I couldn’t believe how dusty and dirty I had let it get. But what really impressed me was how RIDICULOUSLY THOROUGH they are. They clean every square inch! My sofa and chairs look “Like-New!”

Rene did a fantastic job of re-stretching my carpet in two rooms. The one room had a lot to be done due to poor installation (which was NOT done by Ayoub). Rene was very thorough of explaining and showing me what he did and why. He did a fantastic job and now my floors are ripple free!

Of course, my carpet looks amazing! The carpet on my staircase honestly looks “Like-New.” I have written that phrase countless times, but NOW definitely know the meaning behind it as I have personally seen and experienced my floors looking “like-new” by having Ayoub professionally clean my flooring and upholstery. My kids have been warned and know they will pay dearly should they “forget” to take their shoes off before trekking upstairs and onto the carpet.

The Hardwood Rejuvenation gave a new life to my floors. They do not look “Like-New” as there are still scratches, dents and fading in them. The sun coming through my French doors has faded the hardwood and it’s still faded after the Rejuvenation. Where there was deep down dirt into the cracks and crevices, it’s gone! Where the finish was getting dull, it’s now freshly coated with a new coat of protectant. They honestly look and feel so much better. If I wanted perfect new hardwood floors, I would have had to incur the expense, time and mess of either new installation or refinishing – NEITHER of what interested me. Hardwood Rejuvenation is a great way to keep your floors clean, give them a new layer of protectant so they can last many more years.

Now that they have left, I’m debating on whether or not to have them return to clean all the carpet in my 4 bedrooms, or to have it replaced as it’s original to when we bought the house. Decisions, decisions. For the time being, I’m going to walk around the rest of my house and marvel the fact that my house is AMAZINGLY clean, shiny and “Like-New”…or at least until the kids and their friends come home from school and start tearing through the house…

Until Next Time – Cheers!

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