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Moth Season is Here, Are You Protecting Your Rugs?

Moth Season is Here, Are You Protecting Your Rugs?


As a professional carpet and rug cleaning company, we’ve found that customers, more often than not, tend to be unaware of moth and carpet beetle issues within their carpet and rugs. Gross, right? We see it all the time, and it can cause some serious damage if it’s detected too late.

Why is moth damage so hard to detect? In most cases, there aren’t flying moths within the home when the damage is taking place. Moths and carpet beetles lay their eggs in wool, silk, soiled cotton, feathers, some leathers, and in areas of collected pet fur. The larvae worms can eat your carpet and rugs for as long as a year before they become flying moths that are much easier to see.

Once you start to see moths flying around, there’s most likely already devastation somewhere in your home.

Spring time is a very active season for larvae feeding. We can’t stress enough how important it is to inspect under large furniture and dark undisturbed areas of your home for this type of issue. Also, it’s not uncommon to find moth issues under pet beds.

If you can catch the problem early, it’s a quick fix. If you get to the problem too late, it can cost a small fortune in disposing of rugs and furniture and getting the home fumigated.

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