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How to get rid of “Wet Dog Smell” in Carpet

How to get rid of “Wet Dog Smell” in Carpet

Have you ever noticed that odors coming from your carpet, rugs, and upholstery tend to become more noticeable when the weather’s hot and humid? It’s almost like the smell doubles in intensity when the air outside starts to turn from cool and crisp to moist and stagnant.

Some people jump to conclusions when a distinct smell arises, claiming they already know its pet urine within their carpet that’s becoming more apparent since summer rolled around. Although it very well could be, there’s another similar carpet odor that most people often overlook.

Our technicians get called to clean and treat pet accidents all the time, but when they arrive, sometimes they realize the odor isn’t caused by pee at all. So, what is it, you ask? It’s the lovely smell of decaying pet hair.

You’re probably thinking, “I vacuum constantly, that’s not possible!” Oh, but it is. Vacuuming doesn’t always remove all the cat or dog hair embedded deep within your carpet. When bacteria starts to decompose the hair that was left behind after vacuuming, a strong odor’s produced in your home. Bacteria also thrives in hot and humid conditions, which enables it to multiply and decompose the hair at a rapid rate, causing the smell to intensify.

It’s important for carpet cleaners to be able to distinguish between pet urine and pet hair odors since the treatment for each is completely different. If a decomposed pet hair odor is treated as if it were a urine odor, it could actually become worse. This is because the enzyme products and water based deodorants used to neutralize urine can cause the bacterial activity level to increase if decaying hair is present… which is far from ideal.

The correct way to treat pet hair odors is by sanitizing the carpet with an all-natural product. The ingredients used to make carpet sanitizing products will lower the bacterial activity so the odor will lessen and become undetectable.

Once the carpet odor is identified as coming from pet hair, the following procedure is what you can expect from a professional carpet cleaning company: First, they’ll groom and vacuum the carpet to make sure as much animal hair is removed from the carpet as possible. A vigorous back and forth motion should be used to ensure effective vacuuming. Then, a sanitizing product will be sprayed and groomed in to your carpet to kill the germs and bacteria that’s causing the hair to decay upon contact. After the sanitizer has had time to dwell, a traffic lane cleaner, also known as pre-conditioner, is sprayed to break up general dirt and soils. Next, the carpet should be cleaned using hot water extraction in order to remove the dirt within the carpet fibers as well. During this process, the carpet is also thoroughly rinsed out, removing all factors that caused the pet odor.

Contact a reliable carpet and rug cleaning company today to make sure the odor you smell is identified properly and taken care of the right way! Call Ayoub today.

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