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How to choose your best flooring

How to choose your best flooring

Considering new flooring? Are you confused with what is or isn’t the right choice for your home, family and lifestyle? Here is some information that will help you determine what fits your home best.

Some of the most important questions you need to ask and answers before you choose a flooring are: What type of environment is outside your door? Lots of mud, grass, sand? Or, is it fairly clear with pavement, sidewalks, patios, etc? What are the structural floors in your home? Concrete? Floorboards? What type of home environment do you live in? Sunny? Cold?

Let’s take a look at the different types of flooring and whether or not they would be suitable in your home.

Fact: Carpet is a cozy and comfortable flooring choice which is great for colder climates. It is soft on your children’s feet and makes your home slightly quieter by muffling noise. However, you may want to rethink carpet in areas that you enter the house if your yard is covered in grass and mud. Children love playing in the yard and you will have a hard time preventing them from bringing mud into the house on their shoes.

Fiction: Carpet is that it is not hygienic. Some people think that carpet should not be used in the homes of asthma sufferers because it traps dust. However, by immobilizing dust particles, carpet fibers actually stop dust from circulating in the air of your home. These allergy-triggering particles can be removed completely from the home by vacuuming your carpets regularly.

Fiction: I have pets and they will destroy the carpet. Some manufacturers make carpet that is pet-friendly that is made with a cut pile that won’t allow their claws to pull it, it’s stain resistant and is made to reduce odors. Ask us.

Ceramic flooring
Fact: Ceramic tiles are a good option if the ground floor of your house is an uneven concrete slab, since they will cover up any irregularities on the surface. However, ceramic tiles are very hard and brittle, which means glass tumblers that your children drop on the floor are likely to shatter.

A better alternative would be Luxury Vinyl (LVT) flooring and linoleum can be used to create the look of a tiled floor without the safety risked posed by hard ceramic tiles. There is a misconception that linoleum is no longer fashionable, but in fact you can buy linoleum flooring in a wide range of contemporary designs and patterns. Vinyl and linoleum floors are very easy to clean.

Wood flooring
Fact: Wood flooring is a good option for families as it is durable and easy to keep clean. Choose from solid hardwood flooring, which is expensive but can last for decades or even centuries with the proper care, or engineered wood flooring, which consists of plywood or some with a hardwood veneer.

There is a type of flooring that is perfect for each room of the house. Choosing the right flooring requires answers to questions and thinking about the décor, where the room is located, and consider your family and lifestyle and how much time you want to put into caring for your flooring.

Ayoub’s sales associates at both our Falls Church and Chantilly locations have numerous years of experience in the flooring industry. They are always willing and able to assist you in picking out the perfect flooring.

If you would like a little Interior Decorating advice, ACS is available to assist you at the any of our two showrooms.

Please know that our relationship doesn’t stop with the installation of your new flooring – It’s just beginning! We are top-rated for Rug, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. We will keep your flooring looking “Like-New” for many years to come.

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