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Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood Floor Care

In one of my past blogs, I talked about the importance of vacuuming your carpet. Many homes have different types of flooring throughout their home and it’s quite likely you have hardwood flooring as well. I’m sure you do quite well in keeping your hardwood floors clean. However; it’s my job to post blogs about proper floor care. So, here we go…

Sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor at least once a week. It’s actually better to vacuum (WITHOUT ANY BEATER BARS) your hardwood floor as it will lift the dirt and grime away. Sweeping your floors has the ability to force the sand and dirt into the cracks and crevices. It’s important to get all the grit off the floor. Sand and dirt act like a sand paper on your floor and wear down the finish.

Never use a mop and bucket with water to mop your floor. Excess water on your hardwood floor can lead to warping and buckling. Vinegar and water may seem like an economical way to clean your hardwood floor but it’s not recommended. Vinegar is an acid, it will break down the finish over time and will reduce the shine; leaving a dull appearance. It’s recommended to use a fine mist cleaner that is specifically made for cleaning hardwood floors.

It’s also recommended to have professional hardwood floor deep cleaning every 1-2 years. You can learn more by clicking on “Hardwood Rejuvenation.”

Here are some preventative tips that will keep your floors looking “Like-New” longer:
• Use felt pads under furniture legs.
• Keep your pet’s nails trimmed
• Use area rugs at the main entrances to your home.
• Use area rugs with a sealed bottom where water exposure is present; such as by the kitchen sink.
• Use plastic trays under plants that are on the floor.
• If possible, avoid direct sun exposure to your hardwood floor by using blinds, curtains, or drapes during peak sun time.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help to remind you to take care of your hardwood floors. They are built to last a lifetime and with the proper care, they will!

Until next time – Cheers!

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