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Got Rug Fringe Problems?

Got Rug Fringe Problems?

Is your Oriental rug’s fringe dirty and deteriorating? If so, put the scissors down! There’s still hope for it! If not, there’re ways to continue avoiding this issue.

The fringe on your Oriental rug is a good indicator for when it needs professional rug repair services. If you’ve noticed the fringe on your rug is discolored, shorter than its original length, and falling out, it’s important to get it repaired before it worsens. Not sure why this happens, how to prevent it, and how to repair it properly? Have no fear, info is here.

Here’s Why:

- Rug’s fringe can become damaged due to normal wear and tear. If your rug’s in a high traffic area of your house, the fringe can get worn simply from being walked on often.

- Using a vacuum with a power brush or beater bars can be harmful to your rug’s fringe. Fringe tends to get caught up in these types of vacuums, causing it to rip out.

- If the fringe of your rug has been bleached, it will weaken, fray, shred, or disintegrate.

Preventing Damage:

- Rotate your area rug at least once a year. This will prevent premature or unnecessary wear to fringe and keep all sides looking evenly worn.

- Use a plain vacuum nozzle if you have to vacuum the fringe of your rug. If that’s not an option, vacuum in a different direction than the way the fringe lays. - When spot cleaning, use a mild liquid detergent mixed with water instead of harsh bleach.


- If your rug is machine made, its fringe is most likely sewn on after it’s made. A new set of fringe can easily be hand sewn onto your rug to spruce it up!

- If your rug is handmade, the fringe strands run straight through your entire rug. There are a couple of options you have. You can have an overcast stitch applied to the edges of your rug by removing a small amount of its diameter, which reveals more of its fringing, and stops your rug from unraveling further. You can also have your rugs fringe hand knotted which can replace certain sections or an entire side of fringe. Lastly, you also have the option of having a new strip of fringe sewn on just like machine made rugs.

After reading this post, hopefully you’ve talked yourself down from chopping off your rugs fringe on your own. Call a reliable carpet and rug professional today to make your rug look like new again! Contact Ayoub today!

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