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Full Service Flooring Showroom vs. Hardwood Flooring Liquidators

Full Service Flooring Showroom vs. Hardwood Flooring Liquidators

Wood flooring is available in a number of sizes, widths, stains, and each offers its own distinct advantages. Hardwood flooring is timeless and enhances the warmth of any home and room decor. Modern technology over the past few years has produced long lasting finishes that stand up to all types of traffic and use. When shopping for hardwood, how do you know what you’re getting?

It happens time and time again that when people shop for flooring, their main concern is pricing. Of course! We have a budget and we want to get the best price for the product we’re buying. When researching hardwood flooring you cannot have the perception that “wood is wood.” There is a vast difference between the flooring you buy at a full service showroom and one from a liquidator or big box retailer.

A full service showroom will have a nice selection of samples that range from your lower priced “typical” hardwood to higher priced exotic woods, engineered woods to solid woods. The sales associates will be able to provide you with the information you need to select the type of wood that will best serve your family and home and stay within your budget. There won’t be any pressure to buy one type of hardwood over another as all flooring will be custom ordered.

The full service showroom also buys quality products from manufacturers that will provide consumers guarantees that their products are top quality. Big Box Stores and Liquidators buy and sell “remnants” or “2nd run” stock that full service showrooms won’t buy. This is how they are able to sell hardwood flooring at a really discounted rate. Big box stores and liquidators will sell you what is in stock and will guide you to flooring that provides them a great profit margin.
Obviously there is a large market and “want” from consumers to buy lesser grade products; otherwise manufacturers would be drowning in “bad” product. As long as consumers understand what they are getting when they are buying from liquidators, then it’s a win-win for everyone. One of the largest differences between buying hardwood flooring from a showroom and a liquidator is the amount of “waste” you can expect.

Waste refers to the pieces within a case that can’t be used due to imperfections or pieces are just too small, known as filler. Cases from liquidators will often include a lot of “filler” and not full length pieces. In some instances, you can expect to have 20-30% waste from big box or liquidator cases as compared to 10% from showroom custom ordered cases. You will need to consider this when comparing prices between a showroom and a liquidator. Sometimes the “savings” don’t add up.

There is hardwood flooring out there to meet everyone’s needs and budget. As long as you realize that the level of quality of flooring you are getting is dependent on where you buy. I can assure you that when you buy from Ayoub Carpet Service, you are getting top quality products that not only we stand behind them, but the manufacturers do too.

Until next time – Cheers!

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