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Bugs in Rugs and how to Avoid Damage

Bugs in Rugs and how to Avoid Damage

Summer’s around the corner which means bugs are everywhere… even in your rugs! Don’t let the hectic process of moving or renovating your home cause you to overlook storing your Oriental rugs properly. Believe it or not, rugs can run into some serious bug problems if they aren’t stored the right way. If your rug’s made of natural fibers, follow these tips:

1. Get your rugs professionally cleaned.

- You may be thinking, “Shouldn’t I wait to clean them once they’re out of that dusty storage unit?” Rewind! I promise that’s not your best option. Just because your rug doesn’t appear to be damaged by bugs yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t inside your rug already… waiting to eat it. If you choose not clean your rugs before storing them, you may be shocked by the condition they’re in when it’s time to unroll them.

Speaking of rolling your rug…

2. Roll your rugs in Kraft paper before storing.

- If you’re doing it yourself, run your hand across your rug to see which direction goes with the nap. Follow that direction to the end of the rug, and start rolling your rug from that end.

- Whether you’re having your rugs stored in a professional facility or doing it yourself, make sure they’re not wrapped in plastic. Naturally, wool contains high levels of moisture which can cause your rugs to become musty and moldy if the airflow is sealed off. This creates a perfect breeding ground for the creepy crawlers you’re trying to avoid, so using a more breathable material is your better option.

- Keep in mind: A quality carpet and rug company should apply a moth protectant to your rug before it’s rolled up.

3. Make sure your rugs aren’t stored on the floor.

- Water damage, rodents, and bugs galore! Having your rugs sitting on the floor for extended periods of time is always risky when in storage. Make sure your rugs are elevated when storing them. This way, your rugs will be better protected from potential water damage and critters lingering in the corners of a large room.

Hopefully you find peace of mind after following these important tips.

Ayoub offers rug storage; contact us today to learn more. We’d be happy to help you out!

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