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Avoid Water & Moisture Damage in Your Home

Avoid Water & Moisture Damage in Your Home

As a professional carpet & rug cleaning and flooring company, we often witness the same types of water damage issues when inside the homes of our customers. Based on what we’ve seen, here’s a check list of how to avoid common water damage issues:

1. Setting up your Christmas tree stand correctly:

- Fill your stand with water to make sure it doesn’t leak.

- Before setting your stand down, place a throw away painters tarp on your floor. Make sure the plastic side is against your floor and the paper side is facing up to avoid water seeping through to your carpet or hardwood.

- Place your tree stand on top of the tarp and cover it with a tree skirt.

2. Properly drain outside faucets for winter:

- Remove attached hoses on all exterior faucets and open half way.

- Inside, locate the individual shutoff valve in each supply line leading to a faucet and shut the water flow off.

- Turn on all exterior faucets fully to drain any water left in them.

- Return inside and remove the bleeder cap located on the turn off valve to allow remaining water to drain into a bucket.

- Replace the cap and close the outside faucet.

3. Checking for leaks and proper drainage in humidifier:

- Gradually funnel about half a gallon of hot water into the floor drain of your humidifier to clear debris.

- The drain line on your humidifier should slope downward toward the drain. If it has any dips or hills in it, readjust it to avoid air bubbles from forming, which causes water to backup and seep out of the humidifier.

- Change the humidifier filter seasonally. If not maintained, it can become clogged with debris which will result in leaks.

4. Never place potted plants flush against floor:

- Choose a plant holder with a tray to catch water. Make sure it has spacers or wheels on the bottom of it to create airflow underneath. This allows you to be able to see if water is leaking.

- If there isn’t proper airflow under a pot it can trap condensation which can cause the flooring under it to rot.

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