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5 Things To Do Now

5 Things To Do Now

Football season is officially over (What a boring Super Bowl…game was a blowout and the commercials were boring! I did LOVE the half time show, especially the dedication to our armed service men and women!) Now your weekends are free to accomplish some things around the house (Unless you’re a sports fanatic and have moved onto the Olympics, Basketball and Ice Hockey. In that case, maybe you can tackle these in the spring).

First up – Organize all your paperwork. Why? Tax season is upon us. Why wait until the absolute last possible minute? I know many of us are great under pressure, but why put ourselves through that when we’re sure to have another snow day or two (hopefully NOT three or four or more…)? Might as well get through this arduous task now while the weather is cold.

How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going? Did you resolve to eat better or exercise? If you’ve slipped, get back on track now. Just because you may have slipped and eaten some things that aren’t good for you, or have not visited the gym in a while – that doesn’t mean you give it up altogether. Each day we have the opportunity to choose whether or not to be healthy. Sometimes we make great choices, other days we don’t. Don’t make becoming Healthy an “All or Nothing” choice. Make sure you’ve set realistic goals, maintain a positive attitude, get a workout buddy, keep moving and keep making small steps to improving yourself.

Short days and long cold nights means that there’s plenty of time to catch up on movies, pictures and correspondence. You’re probably wondering, “Who still writes letters?” Even if the art of letter writing is dying, take the time to check in with family and friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while via phone call, text, email or handwritten letter.

Now is also the time to put your pictures into photo albums (or if you’re really crafty, scrapbook!) and you can do this while you’re catching up on all of the movies you never went to see. Don’t you just love Redbox and Netflix?

Those junk drawers and closets aren’t going to organize themselves…Tackle one closet per weekend. This will spread the chore out and not seem so daunting. Take out one drawer that needs organizing and go through it while you’re watching a movie. If you do a little at a time, you’ll eventually get everything organized and you didn’t need to dedicate a whole weekend to accomplishing this feat.

Don’t wait for Spring Cleaning - Have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned now. During the winter months, a lot of harmful chemicals and sand can be tracked in. Vacuuming alone isn’t able to get out everything. Professional carpet cleaners are able to use hot water extraction to rid your flooring of the damaging chemicals and sand. Not to mention, professional carpet cleaners can clean your upholstery and apply Scotchgard to keep everything clean longer. Ayoub Carpet Service has been serving the DC Metro Area/Northern Virginia for over 60 years. Let Ayoub show you why we are top rated in our area for Carpet and Rug Cleaning and Repairs.

I don’t know about you, but this list will definitely take me up to (and probably well into spring). That being said, when spring does come, I will have everything organized, living healthy and will be ready to enjoy the outdoors and activities that come with nicer weather.

Until Next Time – Cheers!


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