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5 Summertime House & Flooring Tips

5 Summertime House & Flooring Tips

Days are getting longer, temperatures getting hotter and sun rays are in abundance. I love the long, hot days of summer, but I know the long days of summer sun can impact my wallet with cooling expenses as well as damage the interior of my home.

Direct sunlight can have many damaging effects on materials.

Rugs, Carpet and Upholstery – Direct sunlight can fade colors; red is especially prone to sun-fading. Blues are very prone to fading from chemicals in detergent washings. No matter what colors are in your rugs and carpet, UV light will fade colors over time. Direct sunlight will also “bake” your upholstery leaving it sun damaged and faded.

Hardwood – Woods like cherry and oak tend to darken from the aging and burning effects of sun exposure, while other woods will lighten over time. Wood flooring can also dry out, crack and warp with intense exposure to sun.

Other types of flooring can become brittle, curl at edges and change color with a lot of prolonged exposure to sun and its harmful effects.

Unlike people, you can’t slather on a layer of 50 SPF sunscreen to your floors and furniture to protect them from harmful effects of direct sun exposure. Below are some tips to keep your home cooler, save money and protect your flooring and furniture.

1) Instead of continuously running the air conditioner, on cool evenings, open windows and doors with screens to take advantage of cool breezes to keep the inside temperature down. You can also place box fans in windows to draw the cooler air in faster.

2) In the morning, “Shut Down” the house. The house is the coolest in the early morning. Before you leave the house for the day; shut the windows, close the blinds and/or drapes and turn the A/C on again. The air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard since the house is already cool – saving you money!

3) If you have drapes, shades or venetian blinds – USE THEM! Close or angle venetian blinds upward to reflect the light up, which keeps direct sun rays out. Pull shades down or draw drapes closed to keep out all sunlight.

4) You can save money by setting your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable while you are in the house and then set it 5 degrees warmer for when you’re not in the house. Having too much of a temperature difference will make the A/C unit work longer and harder to bring the temperature back down.

5) You can also consider having a professional apply a film to your windows that will block out UV radiation. Whether you decide on blinds, drapes, shades or film, blocking the sun out will prolong the life of your flooring and furniture while saving you money on cooling costs.

Remember: To save money, flooring and furniture – Close your house in the morning, keeping sunlight (and the heat that comes with it) out. Then, at night, you can open your house and allow cooler evening breezes to come in through.

Until Next Time – Cheers!


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