"...after 20 years the reason we originally selected ACS has remained the same, customer focused service." | The Original Ayoub Carpet Service
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“...after 20 years the reason we originally selected ACS has remained the same, customer focused service.”

“...after 20 years the reason we originally selected ACS has remained the same, customer focused service.”

Ayoub takes pride in having happy customers. See for yourself…

“Just had three area rugs done—I’m a repeat customer and they are my go-to company. They sent me a flyer so I knew it must be time! They returned my earth tones to earthiness—no spots—and my pastels to pastel (no grey). Great customer-service-oriented company, they focus on doing one thing well and they do it year-after-year. I’m still pleased as punch. Can’t argue with pickup and delivery and the price was right. This is how business used to be and they are a reminder of what happens when you take pride in your work.”

- Stephanie’s review on Yelp

“We have been purchasing and caring for our oriental rugs using the services of Ayoub Carpet Service (ACS) for more than 20 years. Needless to say we have been extremely satisfied with ACS’s services and their approach to taking care of their customers. Recently we had to replace some wall to wall carpeting so of course we went to the ACS showroom in Falls Church. Our visit reconfirmed our prior experiences, same great service. No surprise here! When Lou, our sales rep, visited our home there was little doubt that he was an experienced flooring professional. He gave us manufacturer and installation options, comparing and contrasting each. We made our selection and when the installation team arrived it was magic. Observing Melvin and his team at work was like watching a close order drill team. Everyone knew their job, doing it quickly, expertly and clearly taking pride in their work. It’s always gratifying that after 20 years the reason we originally selected ACS has remained the same, customer focused service.”

- Vernon’s review on Angie’s List

“We are so pleased with the new carpet and impressed with the expertise and professionalism of the installation crew. Dennis and the other two men, who I am embarrassed to say I did not get their names, were excellent. They arrived on time and were courteous all day. Any time I wanted to look at the process or take pictures to send to my husband, they made room for me with smiles on their faces. They asked me to check the several areas I was most concerned with squeaks before they moved to the next step, although I know they worked on all the boards from the crazy amount of hammering. I was very impressed with the way they swept and vacuumed the areas before laying the pad. I was so pleased with this because when I was prepping the stairs with paint I found a cigarette butt under the carpet from the builders and so making sure all the dust and debris was picked up before the new carpet was installed really was important to me. The cleanup process was fantastic. They asked me to check the furniture placement and wanted to help me get things right back into the places I wanted them to be and that extra touch was really appreciated. As they were starting the work I mentioned to Dennis that we were interested in any extra pieces because my husband wanted to replace the carpet on the step in the garage. Dennis did this for us as a surprise! I had opened the garage so they could place the old carpet in there since it was raining. I had asked myself if I was not being a great consumer for looking elsewhere before buying this carpet but you all had installed carpet in our basement when we finished it and I was very pleased then. Now that you replaced our house carpet I understand why I went directly back to Ayoub. Ayoub’s pricing is competitive but the service is really outstanding at all levels.”

- Judy’s note via email

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