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Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergy Relief Treatment for Fairfax, Leesburg, VA and surrounding Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia cities

Nearly 20% of Americans suffer from allergy symptoms, often caused by environmental triggers, called allergens. Common allergy symptoms include: runny nose, weepy eyes, Wheezing, post nasal drip, and dermatitis. If you suffer from allergy symptoms or asthma, Ayoub can help alleviate your symptoms.

Exposure to dust mite and pet allergens are widely accepted to be the most important causes of indoor allergies. Ayoub Carpet Service can apply a naturally-derived solution to your carpets that is proven effective in denaturing the protein allergens from dust mite droppings, cockroach droppings, dog dander, and cat saliva. This treatment is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, readily bio-degradable, and is effective for up to six months.

In addition to allergy relief treatment, proactive measures such as washing pillowcases and sheets, hot water extracting upholstery, carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting often will help reduce the effect of allergens in your home.