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Color Restoration


Before and After Rug Restoration and Re-TintingHave you noticed your Oriental Rugs have lost their vibrancy? If so, it's most likely due to one, or a combination, of the following: fading over time, being heavily soiled, or dye migration. All of these factors affect a rug's patina, which are the gradual changes happening to your rug as time passes. A rug's patina changes over time due to the environment it's subjected to. Don't be alarmed, it's not necessarily a bad thing when your rug seems to be changing. Comparable to a fine wine, when rugs age, they can become more appealing.

Rug fading can be caused by light exposure and fume fading. Unfortunately, there's very little any reputable rug cleaner can do to restore this type of color fading. Keep in mind- if an already faded rug is cleaned, the faded colors can become more apparent. Don't let this idea stop you from getting your rugs cleaned. If you chose not to, the build-up of dirt and soil can cause your rugs to fade ever more. Not to mention, it can cause your rugs to prematurely wear down.

If your rugs are looking dark and dull, they most likely need a good professional rug cleaning. Years of soiling can cause your rug to look faded, but this one's an easy fix! If your rugs condition isn't combined with any other color fading issue, they'll be vibrant in no time once they're washed.

Dye migration, also known as bleeding, can be another coloring issue your rug is experiencing. Common pollutants that cause dye migration are water damage or pet urine. Under the careful care of an expert, a dye correction process can be used to meticulously strip bleeding colors off of the ivory parts of your rug. A professional consultation will decide if this process needs to be applied to your rug in a wet or a dry state. This process will help stabilize migrant dyes from bleeding into different colored areas and will brighten the colors in your rug significantly.

Here are some before and after pictures of color restoration. Look how bright the ivory colors become after the process is completed.


A few tips that may be helpful to avoid coloring changes in your rugs are to keep them out of direct sunlight, rotate them every 3-4 months, and treat any areas affected by water or pet urine as quickly as you can!

Our professional color restoration processes can help renew the look of your rugs. Give Ayoub a shout if you're interested in letting a reliable company handle your Oriental Rugs.


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