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How to Prep Before the Carpet & Rug Cleaners Arrive

How to Prep Before the Carpet & Rug Cleaners Arrive

Say goodbye to dirty looking carpet, and say hello to carpet that’s clean and vibrant! But wait…before the carpet cleaner or the rug-pick up crew arrive, here’s what to do to prepare for their arrival:

Checklist for rug pick-up

1. Vacuum rugs for pick-up.

2. The crew will inspect your rug before removing it, so be sure to address any concerns with them before they take it.

3. Prepare the room for the crew to roll the rug for removal. Have small items picked up and small pieces of furniture moved off of the rug.

4. Make sure your pets are secure. The crew may need to prop your entry door open to carry out large rugs.

Side note: If you’re getting work done by ACS and didn’t provide credit card information when you scheduled service, a deposit will be collected for approximately half of estimated total and the balance will be charged once services are complete.

Checklist for in-home carpet cleaning and hardwood cleaning

1. Vacuum one to two days prior to scheduled appointment.

2. Pickup any small items and clothing that may be on the floor in the areas to be cleaned.

3. Remove small breakable items that may be surrounding furniture.

4. On the day of cleaning, please make sure pets are secured and stay off freshly cleaned carpet for at least 6 hours.

Side note: If you’re getting work done by ACS, we’d rather not move heavy furniture such as box beds, dressers, bookcases, and cabinets. We also don’t move TVs, computer, or any other valuable electronics.

Hopefully these lists will help you out when preparing to get your carpet or rugs cleaned. Wishing you a smooth and positive experience, happy cleaning!

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