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Carpet wrinkles, ripples, and buckles… how do I fix it?!

By Haley Gaetani | October 24, 2016

Don’t you worry, wrinkles, ripples, and buckles in carpet are very common and can be fixed easily by a reputable carpet care professional. Before we talk about how buckling gets fixed, lets chat about why it’s happening in the first place. There are several different problems your carpet may have run into that caused it to buckle. Among the most common are excessive moisture in carpet or failure to install carpet correctly the first time around (do your research – make sure to use a well-reviewed company that knows how to install properly!).

Moisture issues:

Carpet backing contains latex materials which can absorb moisture if exposed to too much of it. This causes the latex to expand and can cause carpet buckling if the tension of the carpet is not sufficient. Have you ever noticed that your carpet ripples seem worse on humid days? Well, that’s why. Carpet rippling may be permanent in some cases, but in others it’s only temporary. If you noticed a buckle or ripple in your carpet after you got it professionally cleaned, wait for it to fully dry, you may be surprised when you notice the problem fixed itself.

Installation issues:

In small areas, a knee-kicker alone may be all the technician needs to install your new carpet properly. On the other hand, in large areas, a power stretcher is extremely important when properly installing carpet if you don’t want to run into problems in the future. You may notice or read online about some companies taking shortcuts by using just a knee-kicker to install carpet in large areas. When this happens, it may look okay initially but most of the time it won't stay that way for long. This method tends to be a lot faster, but don’t be fooled…it's the wrong way to have it done.

The solution:

Contact a carpet care professional to fix any ripples in your carpet if you've determined they’re permanent. Don’t allow anyone to tread on it if it’s still drying to avoid making it worse. It’s an easy fix. A skilled technician will come to your house with a professional power stretcher to re-stretch your carpet, making it look like new again.

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